Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Opera del Espacio/Meet Me @ Metro III Performances

Opera del Espacio
Meet Me @ Metro III
August 25, 26 & September 1,2, 2012

Performances on and along the Metro Gold Line, Los Angeles, CA
Excerpts of site-specific performances as well as collaborations with East L.A. Rep, Moving Arts, Company of Strangers, Rogue Artists Ensemble, Moving Arts and Ollin Band. Produced by Watts Village Theatre Company

Directed by Tanya Kane-Parry & Jonathan Williams
Performers: Christina Estrada, Melanie Keller, Jessica Miller, Marcelo Olivas, Alicia Tycer, Ramona Young
Costume Design by Joseph Hu
Sound design, video documentation and editing by Eric Harris


Check out this fun preview video

And here's a cool interview with  (Pari I) Tanya Kane-Parry and Jonathan Williams, 
hosted by Cindy Marie Jenkins of "Beyond the Blub"

And here's Part II with Melanie Keller, Christina Estrada and Kymm Swank